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Multimedia specialists

We are one of few companies that specializing in multimedia. We work according to the philosophy of the marketing of experience, which is why we built our event team of professional multimedia technicians, vision producers, operators and experienced event managers. We offer our customers a modern and comprehensive multimedia solutions, allowing us to efficiently produce even the most sophisticated and demanding projects. To meet these challenges, we constantly expand our hardware, upgrading it with professional devices for processing, and image and content presentation. We approach each project individually, creatively and realistically. This makes our solutions not only innovative, but effective and efficient. Visualsupport team is an experienced group, having a proven record of participation in projects such as Euro 2012, World Expo in Aichi, Polish Presidency of the EU Council and the Economic Forum in Krynica Zdroj.



Visualsupport in a nutshell:

- Professional organization of events. These large and those small.

- Shows direction and production.

- Technical service of events and temporary and permanent installations.

- Innovative and extraordinary visual solutions at events.



We are regarded for the fact that where others view problems - we spot opportunities.

Backstage and Main Stage

There are projects that you work on for several months. Here you can watch backstage preparation of one of them. A well-oiled team, tons of equipment, no sleep for hours and a lot of fun. That what makes unique spectacles and events.