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Without doubt at the core of any successful event lies a good idea. In our hands, even ordinary events transform into an outstanding experience and an artistic vision, script and direction make a consistent concept. Moreover, at designing shows we alter ideas into tangible marketing benefits.



A woman of many talents and even more projects completed. Endowed with great imagination as a director and strong-minded as a producer. Knows very well how to effectively use modern audio-visual technologies for the event to present in an unconventional way what is most valuable in people, ideas and objects. Solid knowledge of marketing acquired at field studies and over 13 years of experience in the branch allow her to transform ideas into tangible results.

Always at the center of things, always on the go, always with a head full of ideas. Repeatedly proved that for her - the sky is not the limit – even taking upon herself the burden of responsibility of being an official producer of UEFA Content Library in 2012 and for coordination and management of the content in eight Euro Football Championship Fan Zones in Poland and Ukraine.


Under Magda’s supervision any ordinary event becomes extraordinary.